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Laws of the Game

All YYSL games will be governed by FIFA rules with the modifications listed in this section.

  • Throw-ins are to be retaken by a thrower if violated the first throw-in (applies to U11+)
    • U11 Division: 2 chances for every throw-in
    • U14 & U18 Division: 2 changes for each throw-in at the first game of the season; after the first game, a penalty will be called by the referee and the other team will take possession
  • The goalie carrying or picking up a ball intentionally kicked back by a defender will not be penalized; a verbal warning may be given on the first offense and the rule enforced on any subsequent offense.
  • Linesmen are required for U11+ Divisions to indicate when the ball goes out of bounds; the linesmen must be a parent and cannot be a coach.
  • No slide tackling is permitted; penalties will be assessed.
  • Heading is only permitted for U18 players.
    If a header occurs in other divisions, gameplay will be stopped and the referee will determine the drop ball location (outside the 18 and off to the side of the field).


In U11 and above, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the non-offending team where the offense occurred.


Player substitutions can only be made with the consent of the referee during any dead ball by either team. All substitutions leaving/entering the field must be done at midfield. A player must be present at midfield at the time of substitution. The only exception is an injury of another player. Injured players should be instructed to stay on the ground so play can be stopped.
  • Corner kicks: no substitutions allowed
  • A player must be at midfield when the ball is out of play
  • Goal kicks: either team may substitute
  • Sideline throw-ins: the throwing team may substitute if they do, the opposing team may also substitute players

Goal Kicks

U8 & U11: During a goal kick, the opposing team should retreat to the edge of the midfield semi-circle. This will provide the team taking the goal kick a chance to build out from their goal.

Game Specifications

U6 Division 8-minute quarters 6v6 (no goalies) Ball Size: 3
U8 Division 10-minute quarters8v8Ball Size: 3
U11 Division12-minute quarters11v11Ball Size: 4
U14 Division25-minute halves11v11Ball Size: 5
U18 Division25-minute halves11v11Ball Size: 5

Breaks: two minutes between quarters, five minutes between halves

There are no overtime periods; ties will stand. Games that are terminated by the referee after two quarters or the first half will not be replayed. Scores at the time of termination are considered final.


Only township recreation staff, YYSL Board Members, or the game referee can cancel a game due to field conditions. The referee can cancel a game due to weather conditions. If a game is not canceled in advance, teams should arrive on time for the scheduled start of the game.

Referee Payment

YYSL will issue checks to coaches prior to the start of the season to cover referee fees. Each coach is responsible for half of the applicable fees. The referee will receive half of the fee for any game that is not played. Referees should receive half payment for any game that is forfeited due to a no-show from the showing coach. Fees will be paid to the referees before the start of a game.

U6 Division No referees
U8 Division $30 per referee
U11 Division $36 per referee
U14 Division $40 per referee
U18 Division $40 per referee

When games are played against a homeschool team on their fields, YYSL coaches do not pay any referee fees.
When games are played against a homeschool team on YYSL fields (Cousler, YTE/OVE), YYSL coaches will need to pay all referee fees.

Referee Responsibilities

  • Referees must be on the field at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the game
  • Keep game time and score
  • When able, explain calls to players and coaches
  • Observe field and weather conditions; end gameplay as necessary
  • Take any necessary action to deal with interference of gameplay
  • Report yellow cards, red cards, injuries or coach/spectator problems to the Referee Coordinator


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